Changing the Perspective

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714_social_webI must say, I never thought that I would be photographing women dancing on poles… alas… I can now say that I have. Since the immersion of Pole Fitness into the ‘workout scene’ a few years ago, it has become wildly popular due to it’s apparent results.
Meet Kiara and Jessica: two Pole Fitness instructors for Allure Fitness here in Orlando. As I worked with these ladies, I began to uncover the amount of change that each of them have been through in the not too distant past.
Since, well, I’m not much for words (much better at pictures), I’ll let them tell you about it:



My Pole Fitness Journey started when I was medically discharged from the Army due to a hip fracture I endured in 2010. Now 2012 the doctors explained to me that I would never not feel pain, that I would never be able to run after my daughter without feeling an agonizing pain in my hip, and they sent me on my way home with some pain killers and a broken heart, the thought of never being able to run after my daughter without an agonizing pain in my hip was devastating to me.
I had friends that had mentioned pole fitness as a work out and after gaining 30lbs after injury, then adding pregnancy weight, I now weighed 180lbs–the biggest my 5’3″ body has ever been in. So, I decided to give it a go and went to my first pole class.
It was horrible.
Not due to the studio, not due to the other women in there–I just simply couldn’t grab the pole without sliding rapidly to the floor. My core “strength” was a joke. But I kept going, kept getting better, and better, and better. Now a little over 18 months later, not only can I hold myself up, I can hold myself upside down with just my arms. And that chronic pain my doctors assured me I would never get rid of? It’s now a thing of the past. I do run after my beautiful 2 year old, and I can dance without pain. Yes, sometimes the pain comes back, but never like it was in the past, and that 24/7 pain is now a once in a blue moon thing.
Pole helped me get my life back. Even though I am a “Disabled Veteran of the United States Army”, I am a disabled veteran that can walk again without crutches or a limp. And I thank my lucky stars every time I dance, that I discovered such an empowering sport that helped me regain my strength, my pride, and brought back my love for life. I was so extremely grateful that I am now a Pole Fitness Instructor at Allure Dance, trying to let my students know that if I can do it, so can they.



My pole fitness journey has brought me a long way. I tried pole a couple years back and was unable to hold myself up. I was never a dancer and felt awkward trying to keep up with the other girls in my pole class. A couple tries later, I gave up and moved on to aerial silks. After sometime I started talking to friends, who were already apart of the pole world. I found myself watching their videos wishing I could do what they were doing. I wanted to stop feeling so defeated and take control. This time with determination, my family, and friends on my side. Here I am 30 pounds lighter ready to take on the pole world one move at a time. I must admit I still have trouble holding onto the pole; but with some good grip and a kick in the butt I’ll get the move.


If you would like more information, or to book a session with me, please message me via the contact page or on facebook.
I would like to give special thanks to MacBeth Photography for letting us use the studio, as well as Stigma Tattoo for providing the ‘portable’ pole for the ladies to use during this shoot.
I had an incredible time that definitely CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE on pole fitness!