Fitness Session with Kinsey and Lindsay

16-Feb / 0 COMMENTS

Sometimes what you think is going to happen on a shoot, well… just doesn’t.
For the last few years, there has been one location that has received quite a bit of photographic attention from me due to its concrete walls, dirty floors, unfinished doors and windows, elevator shafts, dark staircases… you get the idea. I really thought that putting together a rough-and-tumble styled fitness session would be yet another facet of photography that would lend itself to this hallowed location. Alas, the fence. The property owners (after nearly 4 years) have finally decided to put up a fence at the entrance with nice big bold letters: NO TRESPASSING. Damn.
This was quite inconvenient considering on this day I was collaborating with another photographer/friend of mine: Marsha Kemp. I gave her a quick call to discuss our options… yes, we had options, we COULD break the law or something, right? After getting off of the phone with her, I got in touch with our models for the morning (Kinsey and Lindsay) to get their thoughts on the situation. Bleh, I hate it when a plan falls apart.
::Luke to the rescue – photo below::
While I was texting back and forth with our models, Marsha called me back to let me know that a long-time friend (and a stellar dude I would come to find out) owns a Pedicab Company (website) in downtown Orlando and offered up his space for us to use for the day! See… stellar dude. Saved the friggin’ day!
Photo: RWphotographics
Models: Kinsey and Lindsay