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Some of you may know that my life has been put through the grinder as of late. I am doing everything I can to continue to stay positive, motivated and well… creative. Although I am trying, I am constantly reminded of the past… making it rather difficult to move forward in a healthy fashion. I find myself diving into work, avoiding social interaction, eating poorly (if at all), sleeping too much — sleeping too little, saying things I don’t mean to say — not speaking up when I know I should… Anyway, all of that nonsense is going to stop. Now.

I am going to let go of the past, and do my best to live in the now. I am taking these recent happenings and turning them into a learning experience. As of a couple days ago, I have been spending a little time on a personal project, wherein I find quotes or phrases that are applicable to what I am going through, and turn them into a sort of ‘exercise’ by CREATING something from it.

I have posted some of these images as ‘freebies’ on my facebook page with links to download the high resolution images for yourself if you would like to print them (or something). In addition to these freebies, I am actually going to create a short series of posters that bring together some of the things I love the most… Photography and Design.

The image above is the first in this series. I will make these 24×36 posters available for $25.00/ea. Just click here if you would like one.

Thanks so much!